Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome February

Today, it's still 31st January 2011, and tomorrow will be 1st of February 2011. How fast time flies. It seems to me as if I've just wrote the entry about new year.

It's been quite a while since I last post any entry. I have plenty of ideas to write but somehow I couldn't find the fuel to jot them down. Reading latest blog entries from friends make me feel I want to contribute some writing as well.

I'm now watching movie 'Law Abiding Citizen'. Quite a fast-paced movie, full with action and family bondings. Maybe there are some parts may not suitable for our culture to enjoy. It's a story on how a very law-abide man takes charge to punish those 'lucky escaped' criminals because of 'justice system'. (not enough evidence.. etc). His personality distorted after a sad events that took his wife and daughter's life in front of his eyes just before he passed out, and the person guilty was freed due to 'unsupported evidences'. In certain view, the story is about a man trying to find relief from the injustice happened to his family, and his way of punishing is unacceptable by current law. He wished to let those in charges knew that there were flaws in current juridical system. To those with deep understanding and open-minded, I suggest you watch the movie.

For the past few weeks, I was busy writing financial statement, making corrections, and doing alterations, before meeting in two weeks time. (Who said I'm so not busy?) A bit stressing I must admit, but nonetheless it's good to improve my understanding in perfecting the matter. With this 6-months baby I carry, it's quite challenging for me to focus on batches of numbers and handling a small child and having a house to manage, and a baby to carry, along with the physical limitations going on. Hmm.. I am thankful for this 'unpaid leave' opportunity I had, as it does give me time to manage things around, while able to find time to rest and the bless of waking up late. I must give credit to my husband for letting me wake up late every morning, as I find early morning is too tiring. And a lot of credits for dear cuzz for lending me a helping hand throughout my not-so-able-to-manage-house, as well as preparing breakfast every day. I use to wake up for morning prayer and then I continue my sleep.

It's 6-months already, and oh my.. how big my tummy is! I find it's hard for to sleep at night, I always had this annoying heartburn when I resting down. And my lower back is very achy, I always forced to switch my sleeping position from left to right and then left again. I always wakes up in the middle of the night, hungry for something to eat, so I always had a box of crackers ready at the side table to satisfy the hunger. Currently now, I'm teaching my son to sleep with my husband, as he's so used to sleep with me, lying his head in my arms. I wouldn't mind, but I need to had him prepared for the next baby, as I am hoping my son wouldn't fight for 'sleeping exclusivity' in mummy's arm with his coming siblings. (^^) - but I know he'll be a good brother tho..

Yesterday, I've cooked a Thai dish for my husband, 'Tom Kha Gai' which pronounced as 'Tom Ka Khai'. I was quite nervous as I never cook that dish, but I remember my husband had mentioned he ate the same dish prepared by a Thai cook, during a Thai's Embassy event. He said the dish was so delicious, and he had requested for me to look and search for the recipe, as he wished to enjoy some more. I did, and I cooked the dish. It's a hot-sweet-sour chicken soup cooked with coconut cream. How happy I was, and I still am, when my husband loved the dish, in fact I was so overjoyed when he said, 'this is better than the last one I've tasted!' woohooo! I passed!

To those celebrating Hari Wilayah tomorrow, I wish you all Happy Federal Territory Day! And to those Chinese friends that celebrating Chinese New Year this coming Thursday, I wish you all Gong Xi Fa Chai! And to my fellow colleague at SMK Cyberjaya and my fellow teacher friends and beloved students, happy one week break! (^^)

Oh.. let's pray together for the safety of our friends and relatives in Eygpt. Too much going on, I know it's very worrying, and the condition is pretty bad. But let's hope for the best. I pray for the safety of all Malaysians living there. May God Help us all..

Until then, I'll write again soon.. I need to let this 'writing crave' soothes before I go to bed tonight. (as if there is such craves.. ha!) I think I'm going to make myself a nice hot chocolate drinks when I'm done with this entry.

Again, good night!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Note3: Four Years.. and still counting..

Tick.. tock.. tick.. tock..

It's been 4 years since the phrases meaning 'I do' was affirmed, in 'green-themed-solemnization-event' that took place at Kampung Benoni, Papar, Sabah, Malaysia.. And it's still counting..

Dear Husband,

Today, I am so proud to declare that I am never happier in my life ever, as everyday is always a new day for both of us. Everyday has its own set of stories. You gave me strength when I struggled for some, you gave me supports, you saw my weakness and you guided me to improve myself when I need them the most.

There were bad times, I admit, but somehow they keep us even closer. Perhaps, that were the moments when I almost forgot the most important part that I am now sharing my husband with the country, to look after our nation's importance abroad. I don't know what happened to me during those moments. And honestly, those were the moments when I need you around to get me back myself.

Forgive me dear, I may become too expressive in this entry.. Maybe some of the words chosen here are not really exactly what happened, I might be exaggerating a bit, (too much perhaps?) but I just want you to know, NO MATTER WHAT.. you always be the one dear to me.

There were moments of sorrow, as life's never easy, but somehow we did manage to overcome all those 'not-so-enjoyable' experiences with every strength we could composed. And yet, there were moments of joy as well, and we really enjoyed every of it heartily. With that, I am more than thankful, to have you by my side, as you understand me completely.

I remember this one moment, when we watched Dr. House series together, laying together on the sofa, with little Umair cuddled in between us. You said out loud, 'I couldn't understand why Dr. Taub is so angry when his wife bought him a Ferrari...' Oh, how I wished I could do the same, surprising you. I'm sure you'll react differently than Dr. Taub, but unfortunately, I can't. I could never afford that..

I was a very independent woman before, I worked and earned and I spent my incomes in my own way. I was a working spouse (and still a working lady, but on leave), have own career and once a family provider. And now, here I am, practising being a good housewife, who often people sees would depending on the husband. I pray that I'll never become too dependant. That would worries me. Nonetheless, putting a positive cap on, I do understand one thing, great sacrifices always needed to achieve something great.

I wish that I always truly be your indispensable wife, the one that would be around with you during ups and downs. I love you, and want to spend my life with you for the rest of your life. I don't know exactly how to end this entry, but I know I'll never stop loving you. I know you would do the same, as I know, you do love me as much as I do, and you love our kids as much as I love them, and deep down I knew you're always proud with me.

Take care dear, and remember, I'll be your strongest support ever in life. And I'll be your loveliest wife ever. Remember that.

Happy Anniversary dear. It's already 4 years and I'm looking forward for more years to come. This year our family already have three members, and hopefully next year it would become four.

May God Protect Our Family, and Our Marriage, always. Amen.

'To my lovely wife whom I can not do without, it is a privilege of a lifetime to have spent these past 4 years with you. Thank you for your enduring love and may our union remains in HIS blessing always. Happy Anniversary, sayang.'

I copied this from my wall post, submitted by my beloved husband.. This really made my day.. and I'm still smiling.. (^^)

And I do adore the lovely bouquet of roses.. thanks a million sweetheart..

Oh yes, and I pray, may our union remains in HIS blessing always..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tips For New Mom 5 : Raising Boy vs Girl

Most experts now agree that basic biology is the main reason that boys act like boys and girls act like girls. Still, hormones alone cannot explain why the gulf between the sexes is so great. Social forces also push boys and girls in different directions right from birth.

Baby talk

Within the first few hours of life, boys and girls are already being treated differently. Studies show that adults describe a newborn baby as "sweet" or "cute" if they think she's a girl. However, when that same baby is wearing a blue outfit, they use words like "strong" and "energetic".

Parents also tend to talk more sweetly and gently to their baby girls than their baby boys, and baby boys get bounced around more playfully before they're even old enough to giggle.


In many families, boys get the toys with wheels, while girls get the toys with dresses. Children take this message to heart and those as young as 18 months old often associate cars with boys and dolls with girls. These effects can be long-lasting. Children who spend most of their time playing with gender-specific toys will probably have fairly traditional ideas about gender throughout their lives.

Role models

Children pay close attention to the men and women in their lives and often develop gender expectations based on what they see. For example, one little boy’s mum always drank coffee while his dad opted for tea. The boy thought he had it all worked out, until, to his great surprise, he saw a man with a cup of coffee. This shows how important it is to remember that your child is watching and taking notes. So, if you want your children to understand that men can cook and that women can fix things, show them.

These days, the world is full of men doing what not so long ago was considered "women's work" and women doing "men's work". One key to helping your children develop an open mind about gender roles is to point out, for example, a male nurse or a female police officer, and speak positively about that person: "He probably decided to become a nurse because he likes to take care of people" or "She's protecting us all by fighting crime".

If you and your partner play fairly traditional roles in your house and that's not about to change, then you can find creative ways to expose them to other ways of living. Books, television shows and films with men and women in various roles are a great way to do this.

Princess dresses and football kits

By the time girls are two and boys are three or four, they know that there are clothes for girls and clothes for boys and they're reluctant to cross the lines.

Starting from when they’re toddlers, girls receive compliments on everything from their shoes to the ribbons in their hair, so it’s not surprising they want to embrace their girliness. It’s also a good way to fit in with the other girls around them and win their approval.

Reactions to emotion

There's an old, unwritten law when it comes to bumps and bruises. Girls get plenty of sympathy and reassurance, while boys are told it’s not that bad and to be brave. Many parents today encourage their sons and daughters alike to express their emotions, but it's not that easy to change the attitudes we were raised with. Plus, you can't control what your children encounter outside your home, such as on the playground where the old rules may still apply.

This attitude can lead to boys becoming emotionally stifled and staying that way as adults. It’s a shame because in recent years girls and women have been encouraged to be more assertive and decisive, but boys and men have not been pushed to take on more feminine traits, like showing emotion.

Media stereotypes

Television shows, magazines, adverts, music videos and even computer games all promote gender stereotypes. The girls and women appear thin, flawless and sexy, while the men take the macho, alpha male role to the extreme. Even in children’s television programmes the boys will often be the jokers and main characters, while the girls are in the background trying to solve the problem. You don’t need to ban these shows, but it’s a good idea to screen them beforehand or to watch them with your children. That way you can have a discussion afterwards and point out how things aren’t always like that in real life.

Free to be you and me

You'll be a big influence on your child's thinking about gender. Still, don't be surprised if your child's attitude doesn't exactly match up with your own. Even if you've tried to create a gender-neutral environment at home, your little one may still see a rigid dividing line between how boys and girls are "supposed" to act.

This is a normal phase. Children have a deep-seated need to make sense of their world, and they aren't mentally flexible enough to be open-minded. They still see things in black and white. Or in this case, pink and blue.

If your little girl insists on wearing a puffy dress to go shopping, you may just have to go with it. At the same time, don't be alarmed if your son wants to play with dolls because practice in nurturing is good for anyone. When he starts having friends over to play, he'll probably hear that dolls are considered "girl things". He can then decide on his own if he wants to keep playing with the dolls.

As your children grow older, encourage their interests, including the ones that fall outside of traditional gender roles. If your daughter wants to play football or your son wants to take dance lessons give them a chance to discover whether it feels right. After all, in the nicest possible way, it's his life or her life, not yours.

Real Mummy Versus Yummy Mummy

Here I'd like to share an interesting articles for mom's out there.

What differs a real mummy to yummy mummy, or in other word, HOT MAMA.. the gorgeous one that some people found not real enough to be a mother.. (huh?) I found this article in this LINK. It's amusing to read.. and I'm thankful I'm a REAL mummy.. (actually, I think I am in between REAL and YUMMY mummy.. ahaks!)

Happy reading!

On getting pregnant

We: keep it a closely guarded secret for a while, inventing outrageous excuses for our funny behaviour.
She: takes out an ad in the Telegraph announcing her achievement and an ETA for yummy mummy junior.

On morning sickness

We: become intimately acquainted with the toilet bowl and abandon all hope of ever holding on to our breakfast cereal.
She: disguises her bleary eyes with Gucci sunglasses and recommends pregnancy to her friends - it's fabulous for detoxing, darling.

On pregnancy diets

We: love the eating-for-two excuse and stuff our faces full of chocolate, doughnuts, cake and crisps.
She: trembles in her Manolos at the thought of putting on weight and books a crisis session with her consultant nutritionist.

On the pregnancy blues

We: slob around in our pyjamas, eating enormous tubs of ice cream and weeping over terrible daytime TV.
She: hails a cab to see her creative healer, Nigel - proudly clutching her moonstone and practising a spot of ashtanga yoga on the back seat.

On hair

We: put off going to the hairdresser for fear of scaring him with our wild, untamed manes.
She: enjoys a weekly trim at John Frieda, reading Tatler and Vogue while her highlights are touched up.

On the first signs of a bump

We: squeeze into our trusty old jeans for as long as physically possible, even though the top button's popped off.
She: dashes to Push in Islington for some customised Earl jeans, then over to 9London for another little black dress.

On maternity shopping

We: Pick up some bargains from the high street, hiding the credit card bill when we splash out on something special.
She: salivates at the opportunity to buy a whole new wardrobe and enlists a team of personal shoppers. How else would she carry all the bags, silly?

On pregnancy pampering

We: feel grateful to have 10 minutes of peace in the bathroom with a gossipy magazine and a splash of Radox.
She: thinks that 'low-maintenance' means going a week without a pregnancy facial and massage at the Elemis Spa.

On buying things for baby

We: borrow stuff from friends and feel rather pleased when we find a bargain 10-pack set of babygros in Asda.
She: heads off to The Cross in West London to make a list and hires a party organiser to throw her a baby shower.

On skincare

We: ditch cleansing, toning and moisturising in favour of an extra ten minutes in bed.
She: is soooo inspired by her fabulous 'glow' that she dreams up her very own skincare range and pitches it to Clarins.

On shoes

We: are so alarmed by the change in our centre of gravity that we squeeze our swollen ankles into some rather large and clumpy flats - better to be comfy than clumsy, eh?
She: is aware that motherhood means making sacrifices - and reduces the 85mm heel on her Jimmy Choos to a highly unglamorous 65mm...

On exercise

We: pop to the local swimming pool and do three lengths, then reward ourselves with a giant chocolate eclair.
She: slips into a Juicy Coutre tracksuit and develops a holistic fitness programme with her personal trainer.

On underwear

We: abandon thongs in fear of losing them somewhere they shouldn't be(!) and opt for comfort over class - it's big knickers all the way.
She: squeezes into lacy Myla and plans to wear Agent Provocateur on her big night out at the Portland...

Tips For New Mom 4 : How To Feel Good During Pregnancy

When you find out you're pregnant, it's a good idea to relax your standards about how your body should look. Let's be honest here, your body will change, and you'll have absolutely no control over any of it. But all those changes will be happening for a great reason: you're growing a baby inside you! With that in mind, here are a few ways to feel good about your nine-month metamorphosis.

Don't underestimate the power of make-up

"Make-up can do wonders during your pregnancy. It can be used as a tool to feel pretty and in control," says famed make-up artist Bobbi Brown. That's particularly important during a time when many women feel they've lost control of their body. So go ahead and have some fun. "Makeup can be washed off, it isn't permanent," says Bobbi, "and it's a great way to make you feel good about yourself."

Avoid any hair-raising hairstyle changes

During pregnancy, your hair goes into a growth phase. This is good news for some women who find they now have shinier, thicker hair. If you normally have plenty of volume anyway, and fear that any more will be unmanageable, you may find a shorter style easier to wear while you're pregnant. "You don't have to go through a dramatic change," says stylist and colourist Amina Rubio. "Women get overwhelmed by the results when they do." Your body is going through enough changes as it is. Work with your hairdresser to find a cut that suits you.

Stay active to feel good

It can be hard just to get dressed every day when you feel bloated and sick. Believe it or not though, a little effort can leave you feeling upbeat and perhaps a bit like your pre-pregnancy self. Besides, it'll probably be a new experience to exercise not primarily to lose weight, but just to feel good. As exercise promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance, it can help you carry the weight you gain during pregnancy, prepare you for the physical stress of labour and make getting back into shape after the baby is born much easier. Check out the benefits of antenatal exercise.

Hone your maternity fashion sense

Thank you fashion gods! Gone are the days when a pregnant woman could only dress like a meringue. Black - the colour of choice for chic, non-pregnant fashionistas - works wonders for mummies-to-be as well. It's worth investing in a pair of maternity jeans because they are comfortable and look great. Dresses that nip in at the waist and then flare out can flatter your changing body too.

Don't forget your skin

The same pregnancy hormones that put your emotions into overdrive can wreak havoc on your skin. Your complexion may look great, with that much raved about 'pregnancy glow', or it may become drier than usual and splotchy. A good moisturiser can work wonders on your expanding belly or anywhere your skin feels dry. And who knows, it may even reduce stretchmarks. While experts say moisturisers don't work, mums who've come through pregnancy stretchmark-free swear by them. If you need more detailed information on pregnancy skin changes, check out our specialist advice.

Indulge yourself

There's nothing like a manicure or pedicure to lift the spirits and give your self-esteem a quick boost. Throw in a pregnancy massage for good measure. Whether it's your partner, a friend or a specialist spa treatment, you're sure to feel the benefit.

Talk yourself into a good mood

If all else fails, tell yourself that even though you can't squeeze into a pair of size 12 jeans right now, you're still fabulous. Beauty is a state of mind, not a certain look, size or weight.

p/s I should check this out too.. need desperately to be in control to feel good.. especially during this almost 6 months pregnancy.. (^^)

Tips For New Mom 3 : 7 sign that your child loves you

1. Your newborn stares into your eyes — he's actually working hard to memorise your face. He doesn't understand anything else about the world, but he knows you're important.

2. Your baby thinks about you even when you're not around. Between eight and 12 months old, he'll start to scrunch his face and look around when you leave the room — and he'll smile when you return.

3. Your toddler throws wicked tantrums. Nope, those screaming fits don't mean he's stopped loving you. He couldn't show he was so hurt and angry if he didn't trust you so deeply.

4. Your toddler runs to you for comfort when he falls down or feels sad. Children this age may not truly understand the meaning of "I love you," but their actions speak louder than words.

5. Your preschooler gives you a flower picked from the garden, a finger-painted heart, a sparkly stone or another gift.

6. Your preschooler wants your approval. He'll start to be more cooperative around the house and he'll look for chances to impress. "Look at me!" will become a catchphrase.

7. Your school-age child trusts you with secrets, such as his first crush or his most embarrassing moment. You're his confidante, even if he shies away from your hugs in public.

Special Tribute for Supporters!

For someone who's still learning and catching up udates in managing a blog, I guess I can already proud of myself for the achievement I've made, in 6 months, I've made 1961 visitors! Yes, there were some entries made as if years earlier, but here's the truth, with the 'post option' button located at the below left of new post entry box, you can always modified the date and the time. Thanks 'BLOGGER' for this useful tool! Hey, I am not cheating.. (^^) those were real entries, real dates, I've wrote and made, and published, but some posted in my friendster's blog, and some in my other blogspot pages. Those were the exact date those entries were posted in world web, (of course through different medium). My purpose is solely to group every blog I've wrote in the internet in this page.

For info, I have two more blogspot, and, (feel free to drop by) but I already compiled each post, which I finally decided in May 2010 there'll be only one active blogspot, Love And Life Of Dewi Manja.

Again, thank you for the supports for this half year anniversary of publishing.. :)

And here I dedicated my current favourite music to all out there.. enjoy!

Recipe for Ayam Golek (English Version)

Hello again.. here's my special entry about my previous post. For those who are not familliar with the terms of Ayam Golek, the original Ayam Golek is actually a dish of wood-fire broiled chicken dressed with sweet coconut gravy, which is very famous in the East of Peninsular Malaysia. And here I'd like to share my personal recipe of Ayam Golek, which I changed a bit the style of cooking. It is really tasty, and not-so-difficult to try.


1.5kg cleaned chicken parts (you may cut it in smaller pieces, just use the whole part)

Ingredient A

2 stalks of lemongrass

1 inch ginger

1 inch galangal lengkuas 1 inci

1 tsp turmeric powder (or 1/2 inch fresh turmeric)

1 pc candlenut

5 pcs garlic

2 pcs white onions

Ingredient B

2 tbs pre-blended dried chillies (chilli paste)

1 tsp chilli powder

200ml coconut milk

salt and sugar to taste

1 tsb fresh tamarind mixed with 1/2 cup warm water, take only the juice (or approx 2 tbs tamarind juice mixed with 1/3 cup warm water)


1. blend finely Ingredient A, with half portion of tamarind mix juice.

2. saute the blended Ingredient A with the chilli paste and chilli powder for about 3 minutes with medium heat, and then insert the balance of tamarind juice and coconut milk. let it boil for a while. stir occasionally. put some salt and sugar to taste.

3. once boiled for at least 2 minutes, lower the heat, and put in the chicken parts and let it cook for a while.

4. once the chicken is almost cooked, turn off the heat, and let it cool for a while. you may then roast the chicken in oven, or griller, or in BBQ style, by laying it piece by piece on top of the tray, or you may insert a skewer into each part of the chicken before roasting them, so they'll be much presentable. I roasted the chicken parts with oven (preheated 280 degree) using top and below heat in about 30 minutes.

5. don't forget to turn the chicken up and down after 15 minutes, so the chicken would cook thoroughly. once a while, re-coat the chicken with the extra gravy to prevent it from being too dry.

6. serve warm the chicken with the extra gravy on top of it. taste really good to accompany a warmly cooked rice.

try it, highly recommended, and good luck! please drop a comment for those who already tried the recipe.. thank you!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resepi Peribadi Ayam Golek

Kali ini entri resepi saya dalam bahasa Melayu. Saya pernah mempamer entri ini dalam 'note' facebook saya tahun lepas. LINK Kali ini saya ingin pula berkongsi resepi ini dengan teman bloggers sekalian.

Emm, resepi ini saya cipta selepas teringat satu ketika dahulu menikmati 'ayam golek chef ismail' di The Chicken Rice Shop. sedap memang sedap, dan rasa kembang dalam hati bila suami pun turut sama memuji..

'abang recommend masak macam ni kalau ada guest dari Malaysia datang nanti'

ahh.. alangkah berbunga-bunga dalam hati, rasa terubat hati yang frust sebab sebelum masak tadi peeler baru yang baru dibeli hari Sabtu lepas menggantikan peeler yang hilang, hilang lagi.. baru berhajat hendak mengupas kulit kentang dengan mudah. aneh, tak patut kan rasa frust dengan benda kecik, tapi, itulah hakikat diriku.. all small things matter to me.

selepas puas menggoogle dari internet dan menimbang serta membuat kira-kira dan sedikit ubahsuai, maka jadilah satu resepi ayam golek, tapi kali ini sengaja menggunakan batang lidi, tambah mewah rupa ayam golek.. kalau ada daun pisang buat lilit ayam ni mesti lagi best, tapi apakan daya, saya cuma guna apa yang ada.

bahan-bahan utama, ini berdasarkan yang baru sudah dimasak sebentar tadi, more or less. :P

ayam dalam 1/2 kg (boleh masak begitu sahaja, boleh potong2 kecil kepada 10 bahagian, atau potong besar sedikit dari saiz ayam yang digunakan untuk membuat sate)

bahan kisar

serai 2 batang

halia 1 inci

lengkuas 1 inci

kunyit serbuk 1 sudu kecil (lagi bagus kalau ada kunyit hidup, dalam 1/2 inci)

buah keras 1 biji

bawang putih 5 ulas

bawang besar 2 biji

cili kering yang sudah dikisar dalam 2 sudu makan

cili serbuk 1 sudu kecil

santan pekat 200ml (dalam satu mug, saya guna santan kotak)

garam dan gula secukup rasa

air asam jawa secukupnya

cara membuatnya..

1. pertama sekali blend halus bahan kisar dengan menggunakan blender, dan blend dengan air asam jawa yang sudah dicampur sedikit air. (alamak, ni takde sukatan, main tuang aje, agak-agak bahan kisar tidak terlalu cair)

2. tumis bahan yang dikisar bersama 2 sudu makan cili kering yang sudah dikisar hingga naik bau, dalam 3 minit dengan api sederhana besar, kemudian masukkan air asam jawa sedikit (agak-agak masamnya seperti dalam masak rendang) dan santan pekat. biarkan hingga mendidih. kemudian perasakan dengan sedikit garam dan gula. (kuah ini perlu dikacau dengan kerap agar santan tidak menggumpal)

3. sesudah mendidih, kecilkan api sedikit dan masukkan ayam yang sudah dibersihkan tadi, dan masak hingga ayam hampir masak. kalau masak terus pun boleh, separuh masak pun tiada masalah.

4. bila sudah masak, tutupkan api, dan biarkan sejuk sebentar. saya gunakan lidi sate, cucuk dengan lidi ayam yang baru masak tadi, kemudian bakar. tapi kalau bakar begitu sahaja pun boleh jugak.. :) saya bakar dalam oven yang sudah di 'pre heat' dalam suhu 280 degree dan api atas bawah selama 30 minit.

5. balik-balikkan ayam selepas 15 minit, supanya ayam itu betul-betul masak sekata, dan jangan lupa sapukan kuah ayam tadi ke atas ayam bakar setiap 10 minit, kalau tidak nanti ayam tu kering sangat! kalau mahu guna kaedah panggang atas bara, lagi saya syorkan.. baunya, lebih ummphh!

6. hidang dengan lebihan kuah.. sedap dimakan dengan nasi ayam, nasi putih pun boleh, yang pasti kalau makan panas-panas sedap... husband pun tambah, 'kalau ada nasi dagang ni, layannn..' :p

jika suka, boleh lilitkan daun pisang pada ayam sebelum bakar, pasti lagi sedap..

dan selamat mencuba kawan-kawan, dijamin two thumbs up!

(masih lagi berbunga-bunga dalam hati.. ^^)

p/s this is my Malay edition about one of Malaysian's favorite chicken's recipe, will do English version later for reference.. it's really tasty, and I really recommend friends from other countries to try it. well, there's always Google Translation, for those interested.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bila Hati Berbisik

Lewat malam ini, tatkala sang suami dan si anak sudah dibuai mimpi, diri ini masih lagi sendiri. Menahan esak tangis dari kedengaran di telinga dua orang kesayangan, memaksa diri mematikan segala kesedihan yang membuak, rindu yang tidak terucap, memaksa diri membina semangat yang seakan sudah mengurang dari dalam diri ini.

Kenapa penulisan ku kali ini sangat sedih? Diri ini sangat perlu meluahkan rasa yang tersimpan, yang jauh disemat di lubuk hati. Semoga dapat menyuraikan kesulitan dalam dada, semoga beroleh semula kekuatan yang entah di mana bersembunyi.

Sendiri di perantauan, Allah saja yang tahu betapa sukarnya perasaan ini untuk digambarkan. Sendiri maksudku hanya kami sekeluarga. Perlu kekuatan iman agar diri kekal kuat, perlu kekuatan mental dan semangat untuk mengharung kehidupan anak perantau bersama suami dan anak, jauh dari keutuhan keluarga di tanahair. Tambahan lagi diri ini sedang membawa satu lagi zuriat, yang moga-moga diharapkan dapat menjadi penyambung generasi yang bermanfaat, dan bersama bergandingan dengan abangnya dalam memelihara keluhuran kasih sayang ibu dan bapa mereka.

Mungkin, kerana itulah jua emosi ini mudah berkocak. Sedikit kegusaran mampu bertukar menjadi badai yang merosak ketenangan jiwa. Sukarnya perasaan ini ditafsir, apa kehendak, apa keperluan.

Diri menerima perkhabaran, orang yang dinanti mungkin tidak akan bersama tika ku perlu sokongan kelak. Berita ini hakikatnya sudah lama diterima, dan memang dalam jangkaan, semua pihak sama-sama memahami situasi sebenar. Aku tidak berhak untuk rasa tamak. Kerana mereka juga ada tanggungjawab besar di sana. Ada pihak yang masih muda, perlu sentiasa diberi semangat dan dorongan. Namun walau seribu kali penjelasan dibuat, beribu kata semangat ditiup pada hati, air mata masih gagal dibendung dari mengalir, tidak mampu jua diri ini menahan. Tiba-tiba terasa sunyi, dan sendirian.

Kedua-dua pihak di sana punya amanah penting yang perlu didahulukan, dan aku memang tidak patut meminta mereka hadir bersamaku di sini. Lagi pula ini pengalaman ku yang kedua kali. Di sana amanah itu unik, datang sekali ini, dan besar ertinya untuk masa depan. Satu pihak lagi masih punya tanggungjawab yang masih kecil, yang wajib ditatang di bahu mereka. Ah, aku tidak harus berfikiran sempit begini.

Mengapakah hati ini terasa goyah? Mungkinkah aku bimbang dengan pelbagai kemungkinan yang mungkin ternyata jauh dari andaian? Semua ini hanya mainan perasaan, aku tahu itu. Hendak ku suarakan pada kekasih hati, pasti dia akan rasa susah. Pasti menganggu rutin hariannya. Maafkan diri ini kekasihku, diri ini hanya mahu ruang dan waktu untuk memujuk diri sendiri dan menabahkan hati. Bukan maksud enggan berbicara, aku enggan andai bicara itu kelak bersulam air mata.

Ya, memang aku angkuh. Enggan si dia melihat air mata ini jatuh, lagi. Diri ini ingin membuktikan, dia ini kuat dan teguh semangatnya, cekal walau berjauhan, walaupun dalam hatinya bergolak seribu rasa. Aku ibu yang angkuh juga, enggan anak kecil melihat betapa ibunya sukar untuk berdikari sendiri, mahu si anak kecil melihat, ibunya lah tempat berpaut yang kukuh. Aku juga anak yang angkuh, enggan melihatkan kesukaran hati kepada orang tua, selalu berlagak tenang dan tenteram, agar mereka tidak pernah merasa bimbang dengan diri ini. Aku juga kakak yang angkuh, enggan mengakui kegoyahan hati, enggan mengakui kelemahan diri, mahu membuktikan kakak mereka layak dicontohi. Egonya aku.

Tapi malam ini, saat ini, aku tewas seketika. Terhanyut dengan perasaan sendiri.

Tersentak seketika bila anak kecil merengek mahu ditepuk tidur semula. Sang suami yang tadinya nyenyak dibuai mimpi, terjaga dari lena lantas memujuk. Pasti si dia terlihat aku sibuk di papan kunci ini. Segera ku menyeka sisa air mata yang bergenang, dan mengerling sambil menghulurkan senyuman.

Aku harus kuat.. ternyata tamat penulisan ini, aku rasa sedikit tenang. Semoga dijauhkan prasangka dalam diri ini, dan semoga pagi esok aku beroleh senyuman ikhlas dari hati yang benar-benar tenang.

Aku mohon padaMu yang Rabb, beri daku kekuatan, aku mohon semangat, semoga dijauhkan dari tipu daya dan rasa was-was.

Selamat malam semua, terima kasih kerana sudi mendengar bisikan ini..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Second Batch of Apam Kukus

I was writing in my previous post that I was going to make some more kuih apam. And now, here I am, enjoying a second batch of it. But this time I tried different recipe, using soda bicarbonate instead of dry yeast. Guess what, it cooked perfectly, and really tasty. Of course I made some adjustment to the previous recipe, but nonetheless it still good.

Thanks to the original recipe's owner, juns11, I manage to create another type of kuih apam kukus. The original recipe is meant for Apam Kukus Gula Hangus - Caramelized Steamed Sweet Cake.

Oh.. it is so tasty, I believe I can eat the whole 9 pieces I've made. But until then, I think I should stop at 2 pieces. I still need to eat proper food for dinner, or I'll be hungry in the middle of the night, just like last night. That won't be good for me and this little one I'm carrying.

Well then, I really recommended those who loves apam as I do to try.. the recipe is so easy, no hassle, and won't let your kitchen messy. you may not even realized how quick it took to finish preparing and steaming all of them.

Good luck!

Recipe for Apam Kukus - Steamed Sweet Cake

Yesterday, someone gave me a book, which I found quite interesting. Am so delighted to have another recipe's book to add in my collection! It's all about Thai shrimp dishes. What makes it more special, it was a gift from someone from the Office of Agricultural of Royal Thai Embassy. Thanks! Will share the recipe once I got the time to test my hand with the book. :)

I just remember a friend of mine had requested me to share my personal recipe of Apam Kukus - steamed sweet cake. Actually I found the recipe in different version in (feel free to browse, there's lots of reliable recipe you can try). But I adjust it a bit to my style. I promise to share the recipe once I could free myself from chores. To those who are not familiar with apam kukus, it's a sweet spongy cake using dry yeast as one of it's ingredients. Some swapped yeast with natural yogurt, some may use baking powder instead of dry yeast, but in this recipe, I used dry yeast.

In the pix below, I made three design, one is plain red apam, second is white with green dots, and the third piece suppose to be marble, but I forgot to blend the mixture with toothpicks.. hehe.. so it became so-called two layer apam cake.. :)

Mind you, it's so simple and quick, and it really taste good!

What you need..

Ingredient A
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of white sugar (you may use brown sugar if you like it coloured naturally brownish)
A piece of pandan leaf (screwpine leaf)

Ingredient B
2 cup of plain flour
3/4 cup warm water (warm to touch, not hot)
1/4 cup white sugar (you may adjust the amount to your preferences)
1 tsp dry yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1-2 drops favourite food colouring


1. Cook Ingredient A until the sugar is completely dissolve (not to boil it), and let it cool aside. Once it cool, remove the pandan leaf.
2. Dissolve dry yeast in the warm water, let it aside for a few minute.
3. Meanwhile, mix the rest of Ingredient B, (except the colouring) in a big mixing bowl. Add in the cooled Ingredient A and the dry yeast mixture into the bowl.
4. Using egg whisk (or just a spoon), combine the mixture slowly until smooth, and over the bowl with cling wrap for at least 45 minutes. (or until the mixture has raise twice its volume)
5. Add in few drops of your favourite food colouring to add colour to the apam, or just let it naturally white. (Here comes the creativity, you may make it coloured like a marble cake, or decorated in polka dot.)
6. Grease a medium size cake tin with cooking oil (I used margerine, and I prefer individual muffins mould instead of cake tin), and then pour the mixture into it.
7. Steam the mixture for about 30-40 minutes, or until it done.
8. Voila! Serve it warm. You may cut it into your desired size. It taste really good with dried desiccated coconut mixed with a pinch of salt, or with maple syrup, or serve it just like that.


1. It would be easy to serve if you use muffin mould. But if muffin mould is hard to get, you may use souffle paper cup, instead of muffin paper cup.
2. To make a marble-like steamed sweet cake, you need to divide the mixture into two or three parts, then colour each part differently, e.g plain white + red + green, or plain white + green, etc. Then pour some from each parts into the tin slowly, started from the corner of the tin, one by one until all the mixture has been poured.
3. To make a polka dot design, divide the mixture into two or more parts you wish (depend on how many colours you want to make). Then pour some into a muffin mould, then carefully, drop few spot of different mixture into it, making it looked dotted.

It was a hit in my family. Using this recipe, I managed to made 12 pieces of apam kukus. What delighted me more, all pieces gone in just about an hour! What a delightful evening tea we had last week...

Writing this post, suddenly I'm thinking of making a second batch.. yummm.. my maternal instinct said I want to eat this cake.. I know little Umair love this cake as well, especially when served warm. By the way, I'm 5 months already, another 4 months to go.. wish me luck!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Yesterday, just yesterday, it was last year. And today, it's new year. And now, while intently watching Mohabbatein, with little Umair napping by my side, and my husband with his chess game, my mind wanders, how love can really makes difference to one's life. I quoted, what Mr. Raj Aryan, one of the characters said in the movie, 'World is full of hatred, yet in heart lies thousand of loves' that statement really does significant to the world we're living in currently.

True, the world we're living is full with hatred, and those who care will continue fight for love. Even those in anger long to be loved and cared. But I'm not going to write about world hatred in this entry, it's new year, marking a new beginning and hopefully in a harmonious way.

I am not perfect, far away from being a saint. I hoped for a better future, just like everybody does. I wished for perfection, though I know it's totally impossible. Being too perfect could somehow become a burden, but being not perfect could be annoying. So here I am, being the best as I could, and praying that everything will be alright.

Welcome again to 2011.. and I wish this love, this bless, this joy I experience will continue bloom throughout the year, and may it continue forever. And 2010, I'll never forget every joy you've carried with you, giving me a better step for 2011. And to those out there, let's celebrate the day with a BIG THANK YOU to GOD ALMIGHTY for this chance He give us, to continue living, hopefully in peace.

Alhamdulillah.. Thank God for Everything.