Sunday, January 8, 2017

Living in Vientiane : If you plan to go for holiday

Hi again.. finally I completed one year of living in Vientiane plus one month in 2017. For those who plan to visit Vientiane especially from Malaysia it would be best if you could drop some email to our Embassy to notify your coming and the hotel you would be staying so that the Embassy stays in the know. Don't worry about privacy as the Embassy wouldn't sukahati or absentmindedly raid your stay without any good reason.

For a quick info, Vientiane is the capital of Laos and Luang Prabang is their old capital. Some local said Luang Prabang was the home of their king long time ago but because of some royal dispute, now Laos is govern by a President.

Vientiane is not a big city but nonetheless it is accomodating. The fresh local vegetables is available everywhere especially those who enjoys Asian culinary. From lemongrass to ginger, with exception of fresh turmeric, you can get a good price at local wet market. I would recommend the newcomers of Vientiane to visit Tong Khang Kam market or Morning Market, as that is one of the biggest and oldest wet market as I was told by the Embassy local staff.

If you desire some night outing for music, Vientiane has its own Hard Rock Cafe. And plus plenty of night club with local live band around. The price is quite cheap and the servers are friendly. Perhaps one note to remember, during some local celebration, it might be wise to avoid going out late at night because of the bad traffic especially at the town centre.

About the choices of eating out restaurant, there's plenty you can list down to choose. For people who is quite particular of the halal food, Vientiane has some halal Indian restaurant that you can try. There is also one Malaysian's restaurant and the chef is super friendly he will be happy to serve you halal food.

Perhaps if you plan to come to Vientiane, to live there or work there, I would suggest you to join this facebook group "Vientiane Social". The members are very supportive and some of them even have a special group for social gathering somewhere in Vientiane.

So now comes to the end. Good bye Vientiane! We are finally leaving for good. Until the next post.

Arrival of Myra Alayna. Part 3

Upon receiving the news, I was like.. seriously? Today?

Immediately I was told to sit on a wheelchair while one of the male nurse push me to the prep room. To enter the prep room, somehow because of the miscommunication, they did not let my husband to join into the prep room. And how my husband was really determine to be exactly sure where they will be taking me before he let me go.

Turn out that actually they want him to go to a different room to change clothes while they prepping me for the csection. Ahaha..

There were two nurses that were helping me. They shaved the pubic hair, (i never had that kind of experience before), and then one of them give me some laxatives through rectal and I can say here it was sooo terrible! I cried!

Huhu.. later my husband arrived and after some moment of loves and hugs.. I was wheeled to the operating theatre. My husband will join later when they already ready with me.

I was given some spinal and epidural and they were soo uncomfortable. I remember I had about 8 shots along the backbone, and I was told to crouch with my large belly, I almost choked and couldn't breathe. After the eighth shot finally I was feeling warmth all over the back, but my whole body was shivering. It was very cold yet warm at the same time. One of the nurses put some warm blanket on my body so it was comfortable but I couldnt move my hand and my body.

Then I hear the familiar voice, my doc, Ms Watcharada has arrived. She asked whether I was fine, if my body is prepped enough, and suddenly I hear my husband voice. He was just next to me.

I remember asking him "has it begin?"
And my husband respond was.. "yeah they already cut through. And you wouldnt want to know the stuff"

It took them quite a time to get into the womb. I remember seeing a clock and it has begin around 12 noon. And after about 30 minutes they still trying to get to the womb. My doc said the scar was so thick and deep so she had to do it carefully.

After a while suddenly the water broke and I remember the suction of the water. Plus one of the nurse pushing my belly from top of my abdomen to get the baby out. But somehow I felt they were doing it in a hurry. I prayed nothing bad happened and after some minutes I think it was about 5 minutes of pushing my top abdomen they managed to get the baby out. The baby was not crying but I after some suction (I heard the sound), then I hear the cries! Alhamdulillah.. then they asked my husband to join the paed team for the baby while my doc finished the necessary with me.

After some kisses I was left alone with my doc, and two nurse and one anaethetist. I remember I was asleep some of the moment during the cleaning and stitching. My gynae said there were to many adhesion in my scar and she adviced me to do better family planning next time. Huhuhu..

After a while, when she finished, I was wheeled to the observation room. I remember looking back at the operating table, really bad with lots of reds all over the top. Huhuhu..

At the observation room, I can say the room was quite dark. Perhaps they just setting the ambiance so for all post-operative patient can continue their rest. After about an hour of observation, finally I was wheeled to the room. My husband was not in the room yet.

So I just rest with the drips on my left hand and I was introduced with the nurse that will help me for the day.

I remember my husband finally come about an hour later. It was 3pm. The nurse had told me earlier they will send the baby to me at 5pm and they will take the baby back to nursery at 7pm. They wanted the mummy to have enough rest while they took care of the baby.

Then my husband told me what has been the concern just now. Apparently there were little complication during the labour. They found out the water was stained with some meconium and baby had almost swallowed the meconium. Luckily they manage to suck it out and it did not reach the lung. But they need to observe the baby for safety reason, plus for mother to rest. And it was our best decision to go for the operation that day as if we had waited longer it might turn worse.

No matter what Myra Alayna.. after all that had happened mummy and daddy will forever love you, and so do your brother and sister. Although you were born in Thailand, and that morning your brother and sister were still in Laos, that evening when you were first given to us, your brother and sister has arrived for us to finally be together!

Thank you for the kind assistance from our Embassy driver Mr Thonxai for bringing Umair and Dana and the maid all the way from Vientiane to Udon and help with the crossing border. And also many thanks for daddy's contact for immediately secured us a big room upgraded to junior suites at Centara Hotel for your brother and sister stay while mummy and Myra at the hospital.