Saturday, October 3, 2015

Me and Stitches

It's been a while since I write. 
Somehow the memory of being stitched awake has successfully exposing itself in my mind.

November 2012. I couldn't fully recall what has happened on that very day. But it was so unfortunate as it happened so unexpectedly and actually to be honest quite impossible to happen. 

I remember, it was late in the evening. After taking back kids from nursery after work, We went straight home. We were in Putrajaya back then. While waiting for daddy to be home, my daughter was sneezing and I find a need to get a small towel for her. Perhaps I was too rushed and clumsiness get over me, when I rushed upstairs to the room, I somehow  tripped on the very top of the stairs. I can vividly remember I was praying not falling downstairs, not falling to the back. And all out of sudden I tripped forward, and my head bump to the corner of the door frame! It was dull thud, and my eyes went blank for a while, my ears was 'zinged', in a second I got my sight I felt warm liquid trickled on my forehead. I was horrified, and immediately raised and find the nearest mirror. I was bled! I took one small towel to hold up the bleed, and remembering that I have two small kids downstairs I slowly gatheing myself to step down the stairs. With the dizziness and trying to calm myself from being fainted, I managed to locate my phone and give my husband a phonecall. It was 6.30pm. I remember lying down on the sofa wth my legs propped and kids were scared having my bled on my head. I kissed Umair and Dana and I even told umair to take care of dana if i am not getting well. My husband was home about 40minutes later, we tried to go to Hospital putrajaya but it was packed so we made our way to ArRaudhah Bangi. I was ushered to their ER and after confirming there were no broken bones I was given 5 stitches on the forehead. Surprisingly it doesnt feel a thing! And good thing it happend on the very top of my forehead so my scarves will prefectly cover it. Well. Thats the memory I find it difficult to forget. As all memory connected, the pain and the sorrow, the joy and the happiness.