Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday To Dana!

Hello everyone!

Officially today my dearest daughter is TWO years old! Phew.. How fast time flies. Two years ago I was still on bed-rest with tubes and wires connected at St. Luc Clinique-Universitaires, after a almost an hour operation to deliver my beautiful daughter.

Yes, I took selective cesarean for my second child, after I am confirmed to have a small pelvic which would cause high risk for the baby and me if I was to deliver normally. So we opted for cesarean.

Plenty things has happened since the past two years darling. So let me just write here what milestone you had achieved since...

1. You master the art of delivering speech as long as 10 words per sentence.

2. You know how to recite 'Bismillah hirrahmann nirrahim'

3. You like to offer help to abang umair, and the rest of the family.

4. You know how to use the situation to benefit you. (Happened when abang umair was scolded as a result of doing something naughty, you will promote your good side.. Haha funny dear we know the trick. But thats still cute!)

5. You learn to play educative games in ipad before you were two years old! Whereas abang umair learn ipad only after he was three years old!

6. You know mummy is a girl, daddy is a boy, abang umair is a boy, nenek is a girl, atok is a boy, titi is a girl, uncle is a boy...

7. You can be very choosy, as selective by saying 'A' is not so best, 'B' is the best..

8. I can always trust you to put things back to its original place. (With directive and sweet-talking orders of course)

9. You know the beat of 'Twinkle twinkle little stars' and 'Happy Birthday To You'

10. Now you are in the middle of practising doa makan..

Am so proud of you dear. We all did..

May you become the most adorable girl in the family, with big heart and good humour, and always kind and just in every way you choose. May Allah Bless you life my dear...