Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working Again.. (-_-')

Salam, happy Ramadan Kareem to all muslim brothers and sisters. Today would be the sixth day of fasting, insya Allah I might be able to complete the fast for this month.

Today too, I would be on my forth weeks of starting to work again. Alhamdulillah, I was placed in Puchong and it is just a maximum driving hour of just under 40min, depending on the traffic.

Some of you might say 'Whoa.. Puchong aa? Very 'exciting'!'.. Well, I couldn't agree more. It is indeed very 'interesting' and for those who are about to write some research paper, mainly about student and their background, I would highly recommended Puchong area, a lot of potential issue to be explored.

For about a month working, I only could say that it was challenging. Never in my working lives I had ever witness such interesting prospect (s?) in front of my eyes. Being a new school counsellor, I am constantly being observed by the student, as well as the teachers. From what I wear to what I said, all were judged, and yet I am still working very hard to plant some roots of trust around. But since day one I was given a hardcore case, which means I have no choice but to force the trust from the student to me... So challenging.

I believe it is inappropriate for me to jot down in details about my works at my new school, nor exposing the name of my working place to the virtual audience. I think it would be just enough for me to conclude that it is now a very challenging and tough position to handle. Oh, I do have something that I could share. My school was just recently received one discipline issue, where a group of students were caught 'fixing' 3 teacher's car plat number, and one of the car suffers some scratches. And it was done out of boredom, as the victims were known at school as passionate and kind teachers.. What more I can say, and that was not a new case for this year.

Enough about school. Causing me headache everything the thought cross my mind.

Last time I wrote that my kids were unwell. And again my two beautiful kids are having slight fever (was high last week), coughing, running nose, but with a very happy go lucky attitude... Never been to nursery, the paed said that it is common for new kids trying to fit into a new environment. They will catch the new germs from their interaction with friends which could cause sickness and those are the things that I could never can control. All that we as parents could help is only trying to control the problem that were brought by the new virus at nursery. It would buy some time for the body to find it own time to create antibody to fight back all the germs.

Pray hard! May Allah Bless my children and my family with good health, sane mind, right attitude, good faith and forever love. Aminnn...