Saturday, June 30, 2012

Working Again

Peace be upon you..

This coming monday, I will complete my extra 'one month' unpaid leave after the three and a half years unpaid leave living in Brussels. Currently we are tested with health problem, everyone at home is falling sick. Umair is just recovered from fever and flu, and following him is Dana, who is still under medication of fever and flu. Just last Friday, my husband and I also got the same bug, experiencing fever, flu and nasty sore throat. How I wish for strength my Lord..

This monday too, I will begin my weekdays routine. Upon wakes up maybe around 5.30 - 6.30 am is to prepare quick breakfast for husband and son, and help him prepare Umair for nursery. And then I would continue taking bath or doing chores, and by 9 I should start to prepare my daughter for nursery. I guess by 10am I should be able to send my daughter to join his brother in nursery. And then I would be back home, finish some house chores, and prepare for work. By 12pm I should be going to school, as the workplace is quite a distant, and I need to come early.

I will only be at home around 7 - 7.30pm depending on the traffic. While at the moment, my husband will take the kids from nursery to his office and wait for me to take them home, perhaps we would dine out for dinner. I guess by 9pm we should be at home. Upon home I will need to sort the kids' bag especially Umair's, and prepare the snack bag for my kids. After that doing some laundry or planning for the next day breakfast and then ready for sleep. Wow, a bit tiring to think about it.

Nonetheless I will try my best to not to sweat upon it. I wish to maintain the cleanliness of the house, as I really hate it when the ant is attacking. There are plenty of ants scouting around and I hope they wont find the house is 'resourseable' for them to dwell. I hate it when any of those bugs bite my kids, as my kids skin do develop allergic reaction to any of bugs bite.

I will find my time to prepare dinner, though.. fingers crossed, as dining out is really expensive these days. And started to work again, whoever knows what the challenges hides inside. With my husband's current position in the office, he would be required to attend handful of meeting ahead in schedule. I hope I could manage, alone, with two kids.

Pray for me friends and folks, wish me all the best.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Counting Days

It has been a very hectic week, sorting out cabin luggage stuffs, pre-arrange things to being pack for shipping, of course after making sure all things to pack were freshly laundered, sparkly clean or I might risked unwanted revelation upon receiving the items in Malaysia.
Not to mention with all the spring-cleaning projects, BIG TIME PROJECT I should say. From daily cooking to provide nourishment to kids and the entire family, deciding which pots and pans to let go, and whichs and whats to pack altogether, scrubbing clean the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher entirely, with the floor mopping and brushing, wall replastered and repainted, windows wiped crystal clear, etc (the lists go on).

All together in the presence of two little sweethearts, whose somehow took my heart away as they were craving the attention amid all those hustle jostle. Of course it was weird, to see from their eyes, that the house was no longer homely. It was literally empty now, when all the boxes safely tucked into big container, waiting to be loaded into big ship, and the furnitures were claimed. No more wall decoration, no more comfort of the living area, nor the warmth of the bedroom we've shared all thesr years.

And now the time has come. We finally on our journey home. And with that a new chapter of life will begin. A new story will be written. It will be big for the kids. Oh I'm very sure of that. Having no idea that mummy was actually working, and suddenly has to work again, it would intimidated at first. But I strangely feel, somehow despite my anxiousness, my fears, I believe they will be fine all the way, Insya Allah. They will manage to go through this. That would be their life stories as well.

And I hope to be able to write again. Please pray for us, may Allah Bless us, protect us from evil doers and evil eyes, protect us from the greediness of people, may Allah strengthen our unity, strengthen our love and Insya Allah may Allah protect our soul, and safe living insya Allah.

(this was written weeks ago, during our stay in the Apartment before depart for Malaysia. Because of the unavailibility of internet, I only can post it today)