Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's 11 weeks, and counting..

Alhamdulillah.. my last appointment, 13th October went well, and finally the due date can be determine, Insya Allah the date will be on 17th May 2011. And I finally see the heart beat.. and a figure of little person is already form.. suddenly I remember my son at that age. I can't help but smile, and at the same time I do amaze by God's Creation.. Kun Fayakun, when He's Will it, it Will Be.

But every joy has a price to pay, and this pregnancy doesn't move easily as I expect it to be like before. When I was pregnant with Umair, it was a bless, no morning sickness, and good appetite, and no problem to sleep. energy level was always at peak. This time, I have a full-day-morning-sickness, noht having a very good appetite, tired all day long, always find it difficult to sleep. nauseous and body aching.. I am not complaining, I am just sharing the different experience I have, especially to my dear friends out there who's always crave for such infos, those who planning for a child, or second child, or planning for an official tie. (oh, congratulations for those who has just get married, and for those who's expecting..)

And thankfully, the consultation with my gynae, she prescribed me with this medication, Primperan, it did help a little. I did some research about this medication, some obs agreed that it's safe to take during pregnancy, to help reduce morning sickness, alhamdulillah, the nauseousness and the vomiting did lessen, and my husband just bought me a non-drug medication, wrist band Sea Band, that said help motion sickness and morning sickness. I am looking forward to see if it does really effective as said.

Oh.. and to my husband.. I thank you dear for buying me the band, though it really costly, (he said Euro 14.++), yet the effectiveness of it still not proven yet (by me) but he did buy it for me.. oh.. am so grateful..

And another story about my first child. He's starting to pronounce right word.. 'rhino' becomes 'naino', 'badak' becomes 'bidak', 'hippo' becomes 'ippo', 'bird' becomes 'buh', 'ball' becomes 'bol', 'bismillah' becomes 'lillah', 'night mummy' becomes 'naih mummy'.. when asked question such.. 'what's inside mummy's tummy?' he'll reply.. 'baby'. oh.. so cute.. and now, as if he do understand mummy's not well, he always offer me lots of hugs, front and from behind.. aww.. and always love to tuck inside my arms when I lie back on couch.

He loves to find new friend to play, and easy to socialize, I just hope he can manage well with his coming sibling. I heard lots of not so good story of sibling rivalry especially among small children. I just hope my son will be the most loving brother ever, independent and strong.