Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Own Mashed Potato Ring Recipe

My little son has been so picky during mealtime lately, and I always find myself struggling to feed him. When I gave him sliced cooked carrot (his favourite), he'll take a bite and then throw the rest.. owh..

And so maybe it's time for me to create a new simple and healthy finger food, which is good enough for a toddler and still taste good for adults to eat.

So here's the recipe..

1 potato (preferably the red potato)
1 small size carrot
1/4 cup tempura flour
1/4 cup corn flour
1/4 cup vegetable oil (or margarine)
1 tsp corn syrup (or honey or using 1/2 tsp sugar)
1/2 tsb salt

Methods :

1. Half-boiled both carrot and potato.
2. Mashed the twos (carrot and potato) with fork, and keeping the mixture a little bit moist.
3. Mix in tempura flour, corn flour, salt together, and add them into the mashed mix of potato and carrot.
4. Add in the vegetable oil, corn syrup and salt.
5. Using a clean hand (preferably using gloves), mix everything until it become a soft dough-like.
6. If the mixture is too runny to be a dough, add in a little flour until it can become a soft dough-like.
7. Roll the dough, and cut or weave or shape to your own design (I prefer '0' design, easy to make, you can always opt for 8 shape or pretzel shape, or a bun shape). Let the shaped dough sit for at least 10 minute.
8. Fry the dough in a deep pan of medium-heated vegetable oil.
9. Serve warm. Don't forget to drain the left-over oil over the fried potato ring using a kitchen tissue paper. And it goes well with cocktail sauce, or simple mayonnaise dip.

Happy cooking!

Oh, FYI, my little one did enjoy his few potato rings. :)