Thursday, November 12, 2009

Between French Class And Walk-Tutoring

A few more hours, then I have to go for another French class, at CLL, near Quick Restaurant.. about 15minutes walk from home. I am thinking about my little one, who has trying to master his walk, the walk that I have lost the count. Being a walk-tutor to him is such a joy, I can never forget the way he took the step, his hand held his balls, and walking around the house, taking his corner.. so cute! and it always torn my heart apart, since he's a bit clingy nowadays, refuse to lose me from his sight. maybe because his daddy is not around, my husband has to manage some Malaysian's delegate. He have to accompany them from morning to evening, until they rest at night. Poor Umair, I'm sure he misses his daddy, as every evening, exactly around 6 to 7 pm, he'll say 'deh deh' quite a lot, and I know he misses his daddy. He sort of expecting his daddy coming through the door, and I can do nothing but telling him, "Daddy kerja, sayang". And he'll reply, 'deh deh, jah'.

Right now my little one is taking his precious nap. looking at him, so serene, I can never imagine how some cold-blooded people punished their children for no reason. I mean, torture a kid. They're so innocent, and with an angelic face, one can never being so demon to them. I swear to myself, I wont let anyone or anybody hurt my child. And I will protect him as long as I am alive. He's my flesh and my blood.

About the French class? I love it so much. It's really an opportunity for me to educate myself, being in a 'jobless' state right now, that class should do much for me. Well, nobody will understand, the dilemma of a mother...

And you?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mummy's Toblerone's Very Moist Chocolate Cake

Actually, this post is dedicated to what happened last week.. Umair's birthday is just around the corner, so just planning to bake a special chocolate cake for him!

Ingredients? So easy to get, and lots of them are available from the nearest grocery. I was inspired by a friend, she put her status in Facebook, "teringin makan Ikea Daim Cake". POP! A question emerged, does it reaaaallllyy delicious? Then finally decided to do some reserches, about the IKEA Daim's Cake, when finally I knocked-up this website (ops, forgot the address, sorry!).

That recipe is using exact measurement, but I don't have any kitchen scale to help. My trick? I swapped every 150g to A CUP, and I used it for every ingredient, such as flour, sugar, butter, milk.. etc. And I swapped 15g as ONE TABLESPOON. Normally, my resecipe will use less sugar, say, if in the recipe it need 200g, I will only use 2/3 cup of sugar. Why? I have baby! He loves cake, but I can't control the amount of sugar if I feed him with cakes from bakery's. So, the best for him is I bake for him his cake, and of course the sugar will be less.

This is my new, enhanced recipe, already tried, and amazingly sooo delicious! and so moist! Even after a week stored in covered container in refrigerator, the moist is still there.

I name it 'TOBLERONE'S CAKE' because I use Toblerone as the topping..

2 cups sugar
2 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp soda bicarbonat
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 cups cocoa powder (i used van houten's)
1 cup melted margerine
1/2 cup cheese cream (melted in room's temp)
2 eggs
1 cup hot (boiled) water
optional - 1/2 cup dried fried + choc.chips

5 blocks Toblerone
1/4 cup water
1 tsp margerine


1- mix all the dry ingredients.
2- pour in melted margerine and cheese cream
3- whip in beated eggs in the batter, mix well.
4- pour in hot, boiling water, and mix well.
5- mix dried fuits and choc chip.
6-grease cake pan with margerine, bake at 170deg, 30-40mins. put a bowl of water inside the oven.
7-for toppings, whisk the ingredients in saucepan over very low heat until becomes smooth and shiny.
8. once the cake done, let it cool a while, then pour in the toppings.
9. put into refrigerator overnight, then serve......

this is a very simple recipe, and you might need only an hour to mix everything, and until it perfectly bake. I only use hand whisk, the one use for egg-beater. you can always use another brand of choc for the topping, say, Daim Choc, Nutella Choc. Spread, Cadburys..

Well, the cake is totally something! I managed some slices for the embassy's staff, and thanks to them, I AM SO GLAD they loved it!

My love Umair, be patience, I'll bake the special one for you. That was a trial, a practise for mummy.. I want to make up the best cake for your first birthday.. And I'll decorate it as pretty as I can.. just to show all the people, you're my love!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Si Kecil Yang Sudah Pandai Berdiri

Senyum seketika, melihat lena si kecil.. entah apa yang bermain dalam fikirannya, entah apa mimpi yang sedang dialaminya.. ingin juga diri ini kalau dapat menjengah minda muda yang masih lagi suci dari noda.. sayangkah dia pada diri ini? cintakah dia pada diri ini.. lucu.. bila si ibu tertanya-tanya adakah sayang si kecil menggunung tinggi seperti sayang si ibu.

Umair sudah pandai belajar berjalan! Sejak usianya enam bulan, Umair baru belajar berdiri, dan sejak sembilan bulan, Umair sudah mula bertatih-tatih. Alangkah sukanya hati melihat si kecil bertatih-tatih, dari selangkah, bertambah tiga langkah, kemudian tujuh langkah.. kemudian enambelas langkah.. dan semalam, baru malam tadi, dua puluh tiga langkah! Kalau dulu mummy asyik menghitung berapa lama si kecil bertahan berdiri sendiri, kini menanti saat si kecil berlari. Betapa bahagia menjadi seorang ibu, keseronokan yang sukar digubah dengan kata-kata.

Lagi 3 minggu, genaplah usia Umair setahun. Cepat sungguh masa berlalu. Namun tidur masih lagi mahu dalam pelukan mummy.. Manjanya sayang mummy ni.. Masih lagi mahukan susu ibu, masih lagi mahu didukung.. Manjalah sayang, manjalah.. mummy tetap sayangkan Umair.. Mummy berdoa, kuat-kuat mummy doa, semoga Umair membesar menjadi anak yang soleh, anak yang baik, bijak, mendengar kata. Amin. Mummy ada surprise untuk Umair, tunggu lah tak lama lagi ye sayang..

Daddy Umair kerja sungguh-sungguh untuk sara kita sekeluarga. Hidup di perantauan memang banyak dugaan, dan kena bijak berkelana. Mummy sayang Umair, Daddy pun sayang Umair.. Walaupun mummy sedih sebab mummy tinggalkan kerja mummy di Malaysia, mummy tetap bersyukur sebab punya ruang untuk melihat Umair membesar di depan mata mummy, mummy jaga makan minum Umair.. mummy sayang sangat dekat Umair..

Tak lama lagi datuk, nenek dengan pakcu umair nak datang melawat kita dekat sini, seronoklah Umair nanti, ada ramai orang nak kelek nak dukung umair. Masa tu mesti umair dah pandai berjalan, dah pandai berlari.. yang indahnya, beberapa hari lepas tu Hari Lahir daddy.. dan ketika itu, musim bunga.. Masa tu, mummy akan buat something special untuk baby dan daddy.. Umair pun boleh tolong mummy sama!

Umair sayang, mummy ingin sayang tahu, dengan bangga mummy beritahu semua orang, "I AM PROUD OF YOU" dan mummy sayangkan Umair, buah hati mummy.