Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Umair Current's Progresses - Part 1 (as observed by Mommy)

Umair - newborn

Umair was delivered via emergency Cesarean-section because of Mommy's poor progress, and the doctor's concern over the drained and painful and over-exhausted Mommy after almost 10-hours struggle to dilate. Umair weighted 2.9 when he was born, and 48cm length. Mommy have quite a weak eye-sight and couldn't look the details on Umair's body after Umair was delivered. But mommy remember through the quite blurry vision, and even Mommy's lower half body was sedated, Umair was born bluish and grey and with whitish mucous all over, and not crying as Mommy's expected. Then Mommy heard a suction's noise, and few seconds later Mommy heard Umair's first cry... And so suddenly Mommy's tears fall with happiness. Though daddy was waiting outside (the standard reg. in Putrajaya Hosp. during cesarean labour), Mommy feels grateful with Umair, and Thanking God for giving Mommy and Daddy a healthy son. Then one of the nurse brought Umair to Mommy, asked Mommy to confirm Umair's gender, and let Mommy kiss Umair. Then Mommy saw Umair's skin was already pink all over, and the white mucous was still covered around Umair's body. They brought Umair in that state to meet Daddy outside, and Daddy said Umair has open his eyes widely and looking at everybody curiously, and was playing with bubbles. Daddy recite azan, and then Atok, Nenek and Atok Rosli taking their turn to carry and praise Umair. After mommy has been stitched, Mommy's lower half part of body was still paralysed, mommy can't reach to hold Umair, and mommy was adviced to remain lying back at least 6-hours after the delivery. Mommy want to cuddle with Umair, sadly Mommy couldn't, and no one realized this...

----to be continued----

(it's playtime with Umair! 11.36am, 18/03/09, Le Royal Luxembourg Hotel, Luxembourg)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Teething Sign?

Another day...another new experience. Umair is 3 month and 3 weeks, almost 4 months. These are what he experience, but mommy still playing guessing game...

These week Umair has started to 'speak' while biting his lower lips, and in a such complaining manners, and screaming to the top of his breaths, which mommy found quite scary and worrying... Mommy did some researches and found out others who experience the same situation. Some said their baby were going through a growth spurt phases, some claimed theirs just having an unexplained colic phases, and some agreed that their baby is teething.

Is Umair teething? Mommy googles some websites, and found a few signs and symptoms of teething in babies. Most paedetricians agree that 3 month or 4 month baby teething is not something that's weird. Teething is differs in each baby. Some may start as early as newly born, and some may start later, perhaps 9 or 15 month old.

To compare with the symptoms given by the paeds online, some of them are really match with what happens to Umair lately.

Drooling and Biting. Yup, Umair drools heavier than before, often wet his chin after some very serious 'biting' of his own fingers, and always trying to push his knuckles inside his small mouth. When Umair gnawing Mommy's shoulder, usually mommy have to change cloth. Umair's 'watery gum' often attack Mommy's cloth and makes it less nicer to wear around. Daddy has bought him a nice decent teether, suitable for 0-6 month, and put it in the fridge. But when Mommy put it on his gum, he'll refuse, and crying, upon the chillness that rubs his cheeks. Then Mommy did persuaded Daddy to buy another smaller teether, soft with gel inside, and we try give it to Umair, when Umair only reponse was refusal.

Irritability. Yup, Umair is clearly irritated with something, but not in every 24-hours a day. When Umair is relax, he can squeals, and he can babbles a lot, and when he's hungry, (Umair prefers breastfeed than expressed breast milk in bottle), mommy will nurse him until Umairs full. There are times when he's very happy and playful, but often lately he cries and cries and screams. The only things that soothes him is to nurse. But always he falls asleep after a few minutes slow nursing. Mommy guess he may be thinking when the gum is in pain it's better to sleep, and he is not crying because of hunger.

Clinginess. Yup, another bull's eyes for this. Lately Umair demands to be on Mommy's chest, Daddy's arms. He'll give a warning of ''don't leave me alone or I'll scream'' look when Mommy put him on bed for a while to ease Mommy's arms and shoulder (he's already 6kg!). Umair even want Mommy to be his bed when he's napping, if Mommy tried to put him down he'll scream, as if he was being alone. The sight of Mommy nearby is not good enough for Umair...

10 Reason Why I Am Proud Of My Husband (2009)

1. He gave me a wonderful gift from heaven... our little son, Umair...
2. He fathered my child... Umair...
3. He carried our baby in baby carrier whenever we went outing (though society always prefers mother to carry their child)
4. He laughed and babbled with our son in public places, even others were staring, and most of them will be smiling
5. He tolerated our baby's cries every night, and picked him to soothe him when I am exhausted
6. He brought us delightful dessert on his very own birthday, just to entertain me (as I am taking unpaid leave to join him)
7. He brought me to Brussels, Belgium, a place I never dream I could reach without him by my side
8. He understand my inability (unavailability) to prepare his dinner (when I couldn't) and always offers a hand to prepare me steak, yummy...
9. He helped me with the ache on my backbone, and understand my drained energy every time he's home...
10. He bought me the nicest red dress I always wanted, and smile with delight when I put it on

I love you...and we both loves you... and happy birthday dear darling, wish you 27th birthday as wonderful as ever... my dearest Shahril Nizam Abdul Malek

From your most loving wife... Dewi Manja Alleh and your sweetest son... Umair Iskandar Shahril Nizam

Friday, March 13, 2009

Umair New Habits and Activities

Umair is already 3 month and 2 weeks...and these are his newest hobbies...

1. gnawing his own knuckles with wide-open eyes and big grins, and drools, so does biting his lower lips (teething? Mommy's curious...maybe too i right?)

2. munching mommy's neck and shoulder and pulling down mommy's top when mommy carries Umair around

3. forcing mommy changing clothes after happily spitting a half-cup of curdled milk on mommy's shoulder... mommy's tummy... mommy's chest... (another laundry job for mommy...)

4. hands and feet paddling during bathtime (Umair loves bathing in bathtub, and he smiles a lot! cute! melting mommy's heart...)

5. talk a lot (babbles of course, boo-weyy, booh, gooh, aabooweyy, hey, ahh, oohhh, meh, ngeee, eng-gieeh, mah, mieh, deh, dah, niehh, hoouh,wey, beeh, and sooo many -words- Mommy can't recalls) before and after bath and during changing nappy

6. trying to lose from mommy's hand when changing nappy by pushing himself to his side. (mommy need to hold Umair firmer or he'll grab those dirty nappy with his hands)

7. squeals when he sees his own reflection in the mirror, or during playing with mommy and daddy (can't wait to hear him giggles and laughing)

8. loves to jump, hop and hop (thank you to Umair, even mommy tired, mommy still can put a smile, mommy's arms are in better and slimmer shape now!)

9. soothes daytime only after carrying him to and fro, will get very upset if mommy put Umair down, without 'asking his permission' at first (mommy exercising a lot during the day)

10. 'chewing' his Mr. Paddington Bear's hat deliciously and the red hippo's ear teether

11. attracted to red object (once he looked tentatively to a lady's maroon red shawl at the Aparthotel's lobby, and observing mommy's shocking pink tudung, and prefers his bright red hippo teether than the green water-filled teether)

12. making sound, staring mommy and playing with mommy's top during feeding

13. playing in his newly bought musical Fisher-Price Rainforest baby's seat with hanging toys for a while (daddy bought at Premaman shop)

14. sleeping off-pillow between mommy and daddy (once, Umair surprised daddy when Umair moved around during sleep, and from diagonally to horizantally, with his head near daddy's rib and his feet just beside mommy's arm) - quite worrying, and we plan to move him to his own crib soon.

and so on... I cant put them all here... hehe...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mummy's New Figure

Mommy was 50kg when mommy miscarriaged on 28th December 2008, after losing a 3-month baby, and an extra 3kg from the previous 47kg.

And mommy gained weight again almost extra 20kg, and mommy last weight during carrying Umair was 71kg...huhuhu... but hey... that's worth everything.... Umair was born healthy... 2.9kg and already opened his eyes and played bubbles!

Mommy slowly losing weight... from 65kg after delivery to 59kg (last checked on 20th January 2009). And now, mommy can wear almost all the cute ladies shirt, and slowly getting shape again...and already can fitted most of M size to several of S size clothes, but still depends on the cutting (ahaa... good news to mommy!)

Still daddy asked mommy to lose weight... and achieve back those 47kg, and lesser... perhaps 44kg is better for daddy... now mommy have new task to accomplish... losing weight! but steadily of course... Umair prefers breastfeed than expressed breast milk in bottle! If mommy lose weight too soon mommy's body wont produce enough lovely sweet milk for Umair! So daddy have to wait. Poor daddy he has to accept the hard fact, mommy will lose weight, but not as soon as he desired... (yet daddy never admit that...hehe... but mommy knows! cheeky!)

Mommy loves you Umair! No matter what... no matter what... always loving you... and daddy also loves you!