Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome to Sabah...

Sabah is one of the greatest places in Malaysia. It is very unique and very interesting to come over and learning the local culture. The people of Sabah are considered as a very friendly and helpful as they love to receive visitors with open hands.

Sabah also very well-known for their creative arts, on the skills they acquire from their grandparents. Sabah also is very famous with its Eco-tourism which had persuaded the foreigner to come over each year to enjoy its beautiful scenery's and its enjoyable recreation. Sometimes the outsiders do believe that Sabahan ladies are the beauty of the land below the wind, and seldom people of the outsiders think by marrying their child to Sabah people will make their child forgot their homeland, which is not true indeed. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why the outsiders look upon the Sabahan people as the beauty, even with the bad perception among the older generations.

One of the common mistakes that outsiders usually do is their perception over the Sabah people living home. They still think in their old-fashion mind, and they still strongly believe that Sabahan people live on trees, wearing leaves as their clothing, eat raw dishes over dirt plates. I am so ashamed to know that there are still these people who love to look down over people of Sabah, and thinking that Sabahan people is coming from a very deprived state.

I’m really sorry to say here that, I as a Sabahan people are very sickened with some of the perception made by those who always look down on people. It’s not a question about racial matters, but it is a question about individual matters. I’m not writing this blog to blame any race, but I want to point out the mistakes that had haunting these people minds for centuries, which in return turn out to be the burden for the country. Our Prime Minister always says that we have to gather as a big family, without any racial misconception, without any misjudgments between us. All of us are just same as the others. Only the way we speak, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we believe are different from each other.

One thing to be sure, before we judge a person whose we think is alienated from anyplace, do consider this, perhaps that person is a thousand times far better than us, and the really main thing that happen in our mind is… WE FEEL JEALOUS over the ‘kelebihan’ of this person.

Think about it.