Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Umair Current's Progresses - Part 2 (as observed by Mommy)

Umair - Newborn to One Month Old

Day after delivery, Mommy's milk didn't flow enough for Umair. Poor Umair during those days, thankfully grandma stayed with Mommy at the ward the night after Umair was born. She fed Umair with few ounces of formula milk, to help eliminate hunger. The night after, Mommy managed somehow to feed you, and always more than enough milk for Umair.

3 days after Umair's birth he was suspected jaundice. Poor Umair as the doctor jabbed his knuckles only to confirm the result, as he was slightly yellow at his face. And the result was unmistakable, a slight jaundice, just a 'borderline' case, as the doctor's said. After 5 days at the ward, Mommy and Umair finally discharged from the hospital, with an appointment for Umair's next blood check-up. Mommy was started to drink jamu as part of Mommy's post natal care, but the doctor advised Mommy to stop drink that jamu for a while. That happened about a week after Mommy tried the jamu, after another blood test performed to check whether Umair was really suffers from jaundice.

Almost after a month, Mommy took Umair to Hospital Putrajaya for another check-up, as Daddy already got his first posting, so everything needs to settle fairly quick. Turns up Umair's wee was clean, and Umair's blood count was also normal, and the prediction was 'a slight jaundice because of continual breastmilk'. Mommy did everything, looked up in the internet, and Mommy did finds out, 'its always natural for breastfeed babies to have slight jaundice on their face, and if their growth and weight is consistent, without any sign of lethargy or sickness, you can always be sure that your baby is considerably healthy'.

Mommy did catch Umair's smile, really smile during the month, and very cheering happy face... And those two big eyes, always so curious, and always observing around his world. Mommy still remember Umair's first cut, someone had accidently clipped Umair's already clipped nails, and that tiny thumb bleed, ouch! mommy couldn't bear hearing Umair's cries, really ached mommy's heart... mommy even shed tears that very night... but someone did remind Mommy, 'that's alright, he's a boy, he need to experience pain'. but still Mommy was very hurt that moment...

During Umair's first month check-up, Umair weighted 3.87, almost a kilo! And those tiny legs had already pumped a bit... Umair refused to be wrapped, and loves cool environment.

--------to be continued---------